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Lock cards risk misuse, but they do not break

They can lock payment cards at two domestic banks. Ob for salary. Not even the owner of the locked card can easily return, or even his card can be misused. Raiffeisenbank protects only its debit cards, esk spoitelna although all, but only temporarily. And when you lose your card, you should still block it.

If you are afraid to use your credit card more often, you can be a little calmer again. In addition to the possibility of insuring it against misuse and notorious blockade, there is also the so-called card lock. So far, only two banks – Raiffeisenbank and esk spoitelna – offer our service.

Locking the card is nothing but the possibility to set the security limits of the payment card very quickly and usually temporarily. Even at zero, you know the risk of misuse. But you don’t always stop him.

Raiffeisenbank will only protect online transactions for its debit cards, esk spoitelna will protect all cards (except for the old version of credit cards), but only temporarily. Therefore, this is not a substitute for blocking the card in case of loss or theft.

Only two banks can lock their payment cards – Raiffeisenbank and esk spoitelna

EBanka was the first to offer us the so-called locking of payment cards. That bag was swallowed by Raiffeisenbank. The bank has maintained its service and still provides it to its clients in virtually unchanged form. Recently, however, esiff spoitelna joined Raiffeisebank.

“We will offer this service to our debit card for several years. The client will lock the card for each transaction and unlock it before each payment at the store or at the ATM. The main advantage is therefore secured cards. If the card is locked, it cannot be revoked, ”says Tom Kofro, Raiffeisenbank’s press release.

But it does not apply without exception. Locking of payment cards in Raiffeisenbank is intended only for transactions authorized online. Therefore, it will not prevent the possible misuse of embossed debit cards, or they can also be used to pay in stores equipped only with the so-called imprinter (the merchant only “prints” the selected data from the card and does not control the transaction in the office).

First, it is necessary to set the option of locking the payment card on the payment card. This can be done immediately when accepting the card, or at any time later via the infoline and internet banking. You can then lock and unlock the payment card again in internet banking or via GSM banking.

Lock the card with Raiffeisenbank free of charge, the student will again receive 2.90 crowns for re-unlocking, and the owner of the eKonto for 3.90 crowns. However, if you use telephone banking or branch services to lock or unlock your card, pay an additional CZK 20 per transaction.

esk spoitelna zamyk karty od letonho kvtna

esk spoitelna state this service a little differently, namely as an opportunity to raise one-off and temporary limit to the cards. Classic treasure, stand in line at the box office and call the limit for you. The service is intended for all types of cards except credit cards marked Kredit + for individuals.

“Clients use unlocked / locked cards in cases where they are secretly buying a one-time purchase and do not want to have high limits permanently set for security reasons for payment cards,” explains Miloslav Kean, director of the esk spoitelny Card Center.

Changes to all types of limits (the savings bank distinguishes between three types of limits – for cash withdrawals, payments at merchants and payments on the Internet) can only be made by telephone at a pre-selected time. And for at least an hour and a maximum of 5 days. Always via Service 24 or Business 24 Telebanking for debit cards, or free infoline for credit cards. At the branch they won’t help me at all.

After the set time, the limits are automatically drilled to their original level. Each unlocked and locked bag esk savings price more than the competition. According to the current tariff, each person charges a fee of 30 crowns.

Payments on the Internet are locked and UniCredit Bank, LBBW blocks them

Lock and unlock payment cards, but only for internet or telephone transactions, docks and other banks. They are UniCredit Bank and the LBBW service operates on a similar basis.

UniCredit Bank unlocks and locks free of charge for all payment cards (debit and credit). There is a dog customer center. The card is unlocked and vice versa locked during a phone call. You can submit an unlocked card for internet payments immediately upon its activation.

“All payment cards issued by LBBW are automatically blocked from being used for online payments. The client can have the card unblocked and blocked again free of charge for the execution of his transaction, ”explains Martina Lambert, press release of the bank.

However, the service is only available on working days, as well as the bank’s client line. The client must first call the client line to unlock the card. After the necessary period of integrity, the card is unlocked by the operator on the client’s behalf. “Basically, it is possible to unblock and block the card, not end the phone,” added Lambert.