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Ptistovka has a new look dock

esk nrodn banka re innovates esk obivo. After two thousand and one thousandth, a banknote with a nominal value of 500 crowns is also authenticated. The discovery will first appear in the spring of the first year.

For April 2009, the Czech National Bank is preparing to issue a new model of 500 koruna banknotes. This pattern should be enriched, as well as the two-thousandth innovated in 2007 and a thousand crowns this year, with new and improved security features.

“The new series of the most used banknotes aims to protect banknotes against counterfeiting and to make it easier for the public to recognize counterfeit banknotes from genuine ones,” said NB Pavlna Bolfov.

A proposal for a new decree, which contains both a description of the new security features and a description of the differences between the 2009 design in preparation with the previous designs, which will go through the commemorative text these days.