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Do you know how to change electricity supplier? Test yourself

Probably where he would have a lot of electricity. Therefore, we dream of behaving economically, do not consume the rest, buy controversial equations and buy electrical appliances with low consumption. But be sure to choose the right electricity supplier.

The energy regulation for this year records about five thousand consumers. The first procedure concerns the change of supplier, the procedure of doorstep sellers when concluding contracts, sanctions and redress.

In this way, all stimuli were resolved in an energy and deadly way, until the wafers were brought forward to initiate a control woman, or to a department that disputes the right woman. It is not always a matter of doubt on the part of the supplier, but also of the ignorance of the consumer. Whenever you choose a new electricity supplier, you need to be careful.

Test: How to change energy supplier

How are you? Do you know your first? Do you know how to terminate the contract? And with km and when can you enter into a new contract? Test your knowledge.