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Discount mortgages. esk nrodn banka warning finger

For years, rates at the mortgage bank have not hit bottom. Proof of this was the decline that the mortgages managed in the tenth year of this year. The average year mortgage rate in June fell to 1.8 percent.

This year, the record is set almost every month and it doesn’t look like it should end at the rates. The question is how the new market will conclude a new conclusion about the consumer boom, which will take effect on December 1.

In June of this year, 9,484 people drank a mortgage to the banks, which is a little more than it was when a total of 9,825 clients arranged a mortgage.

Volumes also recorded a slight decrease. In the tenth month of this year, the people closed mortgages in the total amount of 18.785 billion crowns, ie 822 million less than before the month.

How did the average in mortgages grow?
Msc Prmrn ve in K Msc Prmrn ve in K
members 2015 1 725 728 members 2016 2 138 995
nor 2015 1 731 248 nor 2016 1 878 013
bezen 2015 1 751 311 bezen 2016 1 909 937
April 2015 1 783 330 April 2016 1 886 765
kvten 2015 1 816 423 kvten 2016 1 911 376
erven 2015 1 829 483 erven 2016 1 929 207
ervenec 2015 1 832 976 ervenec 2016 1 999 405
August 2015 1 841 182 August 2016 1 952 489
from 2015 1 852 485 from 2016 1 995 626
only 2015 1 866 517 only 2016 1 980 701
November 2015 1 843 878
December 2015 1 913 396 Source: Fincentrum Hypoindex

Clients drink more and more slowly

This year, the average mortgage rate was around 1.9 million crowns, and in January it even exceeded 2.1 million crowns. But growing in the mortgage has people put on financial problems.

In the low years of rates, it will be possible today to meet the mortgage payments of the mortgage and the family with the people and their income. For example, the monthly payment of a mortgage loan in the amount of one million crowns with a maturity of 20 years today reaches 4,965 crowns, and with a maturity of 15 years, the installment of 6,344 crowns of CZK. Only the mortgage is long-term, so when refinancing and eventually increasing the rate of years, the mortgage for the flight will be a great financial burden.


There is nothing in the way of falling rates. Zatm

The decline in annual rates did not stop even the NB’s recommendation that banks not provide 100% mortgages. esk nrodn banka warns a finger and recommends to provide mortgages up to 95 percent LTV (Loan To Value). They try to protect banks so that they do not pay extra for clients who get into the pot with the fulfillment of a mortgage debt. Dal zpsnn pijde pt rok.

A slight decline in average annual rates can be seen in most banks involved in the Fincentrum Hypoindex. The reason is both a decrease in the weight of expensive loans in the portfolio of negotiated mortgages after the introduction of new NB recommendations on the value of real estate, and the effort to offer clients before the new act on the consumer account of fixation supported by discounts, to Josef Rajdl, chief analyst Fincentrum.

But the mortgage market will be affected by the new consumer credit bill, which will come into force in December. The law will be on the client’s side, so banks with the right mortgage lender have their hands full.